I took this photo as Guy and I made our way to Ellis Island on the ferry from Liberty State Park. The line for the security check was long and sad. Amazing irony – standing in line to see the most famous lady in America, who symbolizes freedom… standing there, waiting to go through a rigorous examination of my personal belongings… removing my belt and my jacket and having some stranger x-ray my handbag… it was sad to see how our fears have kept our country so bound up. But anyway, New York was an emotional, exciting city to see. We made several trips into Manhattan, with a map and a positive attitude, and now I understand how the city is laid out. It’s really not too intimidating now that I have the picture in my mind. We drove in once, learned a lesson, and took the bus the other times. We walked the city, from downtown to Central Park, dreaming and exploring…

We decided to brave the crowds and go to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Amazingly, we found last-minute tickets on the internet for Mamma Mia, which helped us get through several police barricades in order to get to the theater. After the show, we got lucky again and found a table for two at a charming French restaurant, where Guy helped me order (the staff spoke fluent French) a wonderful dinner. We had a glass of champagne and walked outside just in time to watch the fireworks as the ball dropped. Posted by Picasa

We particularly enjoyed the up-and-coming Meat Packing District with it’s trendy new shops and restaurants. We chose a great place called Nero for a memorable lunch one day. And at night, we experienced the artistic modern decor at the Hotel Gansevoort and the breath-taking view of New York City from the rooftop terrace.

On another trip, we took the children to visit the Museum of Modern Art, followed by a casual dinner at TGI Fridays on 5th Avenue.

Could this Indiana girl’s future rest among these massive buildings? I found a darling place with a very old vine climbing up the side which called out to my soul… I imagined filling up the rooms with my favorite special things. Is it possible for me to run a retail business, especially in New York City? It still seems too risky for me. Posted by Picasa

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