The other day I was swooning over the movie I saw called Yes. One of the interesting themes in it is dirt. That’s right – dirt, and our attempts to get rid of it. (One really must see it to understand.) In the film, a cleaning lady gets very philosophical about dirt and breaks it down into some scientific jargon and microbiology. (I’m getting there… read on…)

Yesterday, I received two seemingly separate recommendations. The first was to read a book called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston, because I would like to understand my emotional attachment to my “stuff.” The other was to read anything I could find on Bali and the culture’s unique perspective about art, because I was talking about taking on some creative project.

I was amazed to begin my research and find that the author of the first book, Karen Kingston, lives part time in Bali, and even designed a hotel there using the principles of feng shui and Balinese principles. Upon further examination of her website, I found an interesting article written by her about – dirt.

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