Month: March 2006

Lobster in DC

Laura and Sam brought back a 7-pound lobster from their recent trip to Connecticut. Barely fitting in the huge pot, Thermador fought bravely to the end, popping a rubber band off of his claw that hit Laura in the face across the room, and trying to lift the lid of the pot with his huge tentacle. But we won in the end; Laura and … Read More Lobster in DC

Surprise Trip to Belgique

One day I was looking online at airfares just for fun, and discovered a round-trip ticket to Belgium in March wasn’t much more than a new outfit for me. So I booked a flight and went for a week to visit Guy at his farm. The weather was horrible, much like it is here this time of year, but the scenery was charming, and … Read More Surprise Trip to Belgique