Well, I finally made my way to the Jersey shore, and I wasn’t disappointed. The greedy government people were not waiting to collect fees for entering the sandy beach area, and the summer crowds had not yet arrived, so we had a free day pretty much to ourselves on a nice stretch of beach in Manasquan, NJ.

Joey was terrified at first, but finally calmed down when I promised him we weren’t going into the water, and when I showed him how to write words in the sand. He and Guy made a nice sand crocodile, and Joey ran and played and had a great time.

The day was magnificent – completely relaxing, sunny, and warm. I think we get more than just a few vitamins from the sun’s rays. It replenishes so many things that get used up in the winter – not the least of which is hope.

We found a cute Italian place in town afterwards, called Maria’s, and had a delicious lunch, with portions that were ridiculously large – even the kids’ menu items.

My skin is pink and warm to the touch; I have sand all over the house. But I feel rejuvenated and happy.

I really need to do that more often.

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