Guy and I decided to take an unplanned trip down to Cape May. I’ve never been there, but with the help of the internet and navigation systems, we made it to a beautiful beach north of there called Stone Harbor. The weather was warm and bright, and the beach was wide and empty. We passed a couple of fisherman in tall wading boots on the shore, and a family with three small children and a dog, but other than that, we had the beach to ourselves. We walked for quite awhile; I was worried about my suede heels, but I made it okay, and the sand brushed right off later.

We worked our way down to the historic town of Cape May as dusk fell and found the center part which was purely a pedestrian area with dozens of quaint shops and twinkling white Christmas lights. Most of the bed and breakfasts which lined the streets also had lights and elaborate Christmas decorations, and we saw many people touring the places as part of some candlelit sightseeing event.

We had a romantic dinner at a darling place called The Merion Inn, which has been running since 1885. It was charming with its white Christmas lights and tastefully decorated tree, and the live piano music in the back provided a special atmosphere.

On the way home, we decided to take a spin through the famous Atlantic City, where neither of us had ever been before. It was pretty easy to get there – we just found a sign and followed the neon lights! It was nice to finally see it, but it didn’t impress me much.

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