Month: January 2007


I don’t like this city. Maybe it’s because one of my ex’s mistresses lived there and it makes my stomach hurt just to hear the name? Guy knew it too, and he whined several times while he was here that he wanted to go, so after his plea again yesterday morning (which of course I believe was designed to irritate me), I decided to … Read More Phila"dull"phia

Dinner at Escondidos

Sometimes Mexican food can stir up a happy mood…

Princeton on a Rainy Afternoon

Today we decided to head into Princeton for a few hours to browse the university bookstore and window shop at Palmer Square. The rain was gentle and the weather was warm. I really like the atmosphere in Princeton, especially when the students are on campus. I bought several books by Harry G. Frankfurt, moral philosopher and Princeton Professor of Philosophy Emeritus. I’ll let you … Read More Princeton on a Rainy Afternoon

On War and Beliefs

I’m exhausted from the war… the daily casualties and the bombs exploding everywhere… it really seems like there is no solution for a happy, peaceful ending. No, I’m not talking about Iraq. I’m referring to my home. If you are bored, and if you want to stir up some excitement and drama in your life, just invite a person from another country, who speaks … Read More On War and Beliefs

Beaches Don’t Disappear After Labor Day

I have a black-and-white idea in my mind that beaches are for summer and 90-degree weather, not for chilly winter days. I went outside my comfort zone today and went with Guy to the local Manasquan Beach. What an amazing contrast from the busy summer days, when I had to park a mile away from the shore and stake out a tiny spot on … Read More Beaches Don’t Disappear After Labor Day