I don’t like this city. Maybe it’s because one of my ex’s mistresses lived there and it makes my stomach hurt just to hear the name? Guy knew it too, and he whined several times while he was here that he wanted to go, so after his plea again yesterday morning (which of course I believe was designed to irritate me), I decided to take everybody on a road trip. Of course that met with protests from him that he was kidding, but I inisisted. I was hoping he would feel badly about pushing me on that subject. Instead, when we got there and were looking for someplace to eat, he noticed a place called “Paul’s Pizza,” which he quickly pointed out and I ignored (Paul is my ex). But because he got no reaction, he decided to push and push and insist on eating there until I barked nastily that we were NOT going there to eat. Then he acted surprised and baffled by my behavior. I’m so tired of this manipulative bullshit.

Instead we found a place called Las Scalas, which had terrific Italian food, and even though I wasn’t in the mood for Italian, the crab cake with tomato risotto and tomato cream sauce was to die for.

We limited our visit to Old City, where the horse-drawn carriages waited impatiently along the brick-laid streets for interested tourists amidst all of the historical buildings. I wanted to show the kids the Liberty Bell, which I vaguely remembered from almost 20 years ago. I was completely disappointed to see they had built some big commercial building around the bell, and we had to wait in a security line, remove our belts and empty our pockets, place our belongings on the conveyor belt and move past dozens of officials in uniforms just to see the thing. The irony kills me, and I was feeling very cynical by the time we finally were in front of this symbol of our freedom.

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