Month: March 2007

Old Town Alexandria

I spent the weekend in my beloved DC, where Spring has already sprung. The girls and I had dinner on Saturday night at Il Porto, in Old Town Alexandria. I haven’t been there since 1988, when I was invited by one of the photographers of the Redskinette calendar for dinner to discuss a some potential modeling work. The weather was warm and wonderful, and … Read More Old Town Alexandria

Baby Love

Oh yes, it’s true… things, they are a’changin’. Wow. Finally… relief… freedom… gratefulness… I had an “a-ha” moment this week. It’s amazing how quickly my whole life seemed to come together and make sense to me in one split second. And I’m going to give the credit to my beautiful new niece, Karina Lauren, who was born on Monday, March 12th, because when I … Read More Baby Love