Month: April 2007

To My Son, With Love

To my beautiful red-haired son, You lost your first tooth this week, my darling. It broke my heart. I’ve been through this before. I know what’s coming now. Your teeth fall out… your smiles change… you get grown-up faces. I loved having you in my bed. I loved feeling your hot breath against my neck and smelling that baby smell that can make a … Read More To My Son, With Love


I have a million creative ideas inside of me, struggling to come out, but it seems they speak a different language, and we cannot always communicate so well. Usually they come to me in the form of images, so I can attempt to translate that into something real, but I don’t possess the language of drawing or painting, so I have to search for … Read More Frustration

Dell to the Rescue

Dear Friends, Ah… the sweet familiarity of my own keyboard – in less than 24 hours. You just can’t beat that. I should create a graphic image of Dell’s logo on top of a shining white horse. That’s how I feel about them today. Last night, around 6:00 p.m. my power adapter became my puppy’s chew toy; before 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, the DHL … Read More Dell to the Rescue

Power Outage

Well, darling Mimzy has chewed almost all the way through my power adapter cord for this computer. So when the battery goes, I’m down. I already ordered a new cord (this pup is costing me dearly), but I have to wait for shipment. I do have a desktop downstairs, but then I don’t feel like I’m in the main stream of things in the … Read More Power Outage

Getting Naked

It has been brought to my attention that yesterday’s post was a little… well, a little too “safe,” and that I did not let you see me. I think Mr. Turner was right on with that constructive challenge, so I’m back again to post a more realistic follow-up. The truth is that I knew it was plastic when I wrote it. I couldn’t even … Read More Getting Naked

A Dose of Sunshine

The beach was crowded today. I guess everyone has that same stir-crazy feeling from being cooped up with this horrible rain and cold weather we’ve had. It was Mimzy’s first trip; actually, it was his first big outing, period. I thought I was going to have to carry him most of the time, but he surprised me by pulling on the leash in front … Read More A Dose of Sunshine

Shifty – Slide Along Side My all-time number-one favorite sunny beach day music!

Regular Days

I’ve survived a lot of really awful things in my life. Truly. But you know, it’s the everyday grind that gets me. That’s what I don’t know how to deal with. That’s what puts me in a hole. That’s what makes me want to throw my hands in the air and wail, “I can’t do this!” Why is that light coming on at the … Read More Regular Days


Telephone Wire Crafts

Indigo Arts This reminded me instantly of my childhood home in Indiana. When I was in 2nd grade, we moved into the home of a former telephone man. The garage was filled with beautiful wires in all colors, and my dad and I made crafts out of them, like twisted necklaces with shell charms for the school sale. I got to choose the color … Read More Telephone Wire Crafts

Let the Story Begin…

When I first started this blog, I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to have perfectly written posts, with nice photographs and thoughtful words. I wanted to use the perfect colors and fonts. I wanted it to make sense, and I carefully edited what I chose to include, yet I limited my viewing audience. I looked at other blogs on the internet, like … Read More Let the Story Begin…

Madonna – Oh Father Once upon a time, there was a little girl…