As if adding a new puppy to the household wasn’t enough excitement for the week…

I was being a good, responsible mom, searching for real estate on the net, when I reached the end of my rope with Java as I tried to take virtual tours of some of the homes. I’d been getting stupid errors off and on for months, but after finding no viable solutions in the discussion forums, I decided to switch my web browser to Mozilla Firefox. (I have to give this a plug here… the performance speed is outrageous compared to Explorer, and Java worked like a charm.) Anyway, as I rolled through a list of add-ons for Firefox (I’m just now learning about all of this technology, as you can tell from my cluttered sidebar here), I almost broke my neck as I tripped over StumbleUpon yesterday, and everything else in my life came to a screeching halt while I have been surfing the net like a pro.

If you haven’t checked out this site yet, I highly recommend that you go there, immediately, if not sooner.

I feel some kind of euphoria as I fly through the websites that randomly show on my screen. It’s fast and furious, and not tedious at all. I can mark the ones I like (or don’t like) to save for later or pass on to friends. Creativity abounds, and it’s an amazing look at new technology and how people are using web tools to create some absolutely amazing new art. The site ingeniously buries instructions and locks you out of certain functions until you’ve been stumbling awhile, so you don’t get too overwhelmed at once.

It seems to be much less of a meat market than MySpace. So far, the people I’ve met seem very nice, not creepy. (Sorry, MySpace.) You can be social or not. You can be creative or just browse. You can basically make it anything you want it to be, as you poke around and find all of the buried treasures from all around the world on the web. I can combine all of my favorite things into one place: socialization, creativity, technology, research, learning… all at my own pace and in my own way.

The last time I felt this happy was when I took my COBOL class in college and realized I could actually get paid to debug programs. Anybody need a professional web-surfer?

I adore technology. It’s beautiful and amazing to see what we have created.

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