Telephone Wire Basket (#zwb387)

Indigo Arts

This reminded me instantly of my childhood home in Indiana. When I was in 2nd grade, we moved into the home of a former telephone man. The garage was filled with beautiful wires in all colors, and my dad and I made crafts out of them, like twisted necklaces with shell charms for the school sale. I got to choose the color combinations, and Dad would use his drill to tightly twist 2 or more strands of wire. I remember being fascinated with all the bright colors. These telephone-wire baskets from Africa are beautiful.

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2 Comments on “Telephone Wire Crafts

  1. Hi LisaI just saw you on SU and I checked out your blog. I love the story about your home in Indiana. I worked for the telephone company here for 30(!) years and I remember a young girl coming up to me to shyly ask for a bundle of wire. Her and her dad made art out of it and I gladly gave her a big piece of cable – she was so thrilled as she said thank you, and it just made my day…Paul


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