I’ve survived a lot of really awful things in my life. Truly. But you know, it’s the everyday grind that gets me. That’s what I don’t know how to deal with. That’s what puts me in a hole. That’s what makes me want to throw my hands in the air and wail, “I can’t do this!”

Why is that light coming on at the dashboard that I’ve never seen before? Of course, it immediately followed my trip for an oil change. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been for an oil change without some sort of necessary follow-up for something or another. No wonder I always procrastinate about going.

And then there is the insect problem… the little winged creatures that have taken over my kitchen sink today. I think I’ve killed 1,856,932 of them so far. Hold on… make that 1,856,938. The bug guy says it sounds like termites. Now, isn’t that lovely? You’d think the stupid things would send back some sort of message to the nest. You’d think they’d tell their buddies, “Hey, don’t go this way – there’s a crazy lady out there with a huge bottle of Windex!” But no, they’re smart enough to find the way to my kitchen, but too dumb to save their own lives. (And don’t laugh at the Windex thing – that’s what the professional told me to use, after I had already practically fumigated the house with household insecticide.)

To top it off, they asked me to “save” one of the little darlings for inspection when they come tomorrow. So there he is in a plastic bag on my counter… ugh…

It almost makes me miss Mr. Raccoon, who lived in my attic last year (god rest his soul – one day, we just never heard from him again). At least he never invaded my kitchen.

Now I’m spending this beautiful sunny day in my kitchen, armed with window cleaner and paper towels, fighting a battle with bugs. I’m terrified that if I go out or stop watching them, they will take over the entire house (which they probably have, from the inside walls) and terrorize me all night.

And of course, I’m armed with my vehicle manual, too, still trying to find out about that damned light.

Sometimes I hate regular days.

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