To my beautiful red-haired son,

You lost your first tooth this week, my darling. It broke my heart.

I’ve been through this before. I know what’s coming now. Your teeth fall out… your smiles change… you get grown-up faces.

I loved having you in my bed. I loved feeling your hot breath against my neck and smelling that baby smell that can make a mother weep. Your soft, sweet skin against mine sent a sensation of pure bliss through me.

And there isn’t anywhere else on earth I would rather be, my precious angel, than wrapped up together with you in a soft bed of love.

It will never be the same now; I know it and reluctantly accept it, but I keep those memories of snuggling with you close to my heart, my baby boy.

Thank you for giving me such incredible joy.

I will love you forever,

4 Comments on “To My Son, With Love

  1. A beautiful letter to your son. I hope that my children know and understand how much I love them, as much as you have shown in your letter to your son. I have told them but I lack the poetic way of putting it into the right words. I do have the gift for gab but some people can say in a sentence what others can’t say in an entire life. Thanks for sharing your letter.


  2. Thank you, Thex, for your beautifully written compliment. I don’t know if our children can ever know the depth of our love for them. I, myself, never had the vaguest idea how all-consuming it would be. Aren’t we the lucky ones? 🙂


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