May 10, 2007

The humidity is thick and choking today. I feel it pressing against me and enveloping every pore of my body, smothering me completely. I can’t breathe. It’s attached to my clothes… it’s inside of my food. When I open the windows to try to escape, I only let more of the sticky stuff inside the house. It’s a pity that Spring did not choose to show her face yet this year… hiding somewhere between Winter and Summer, like a child who is too shy to play.

Mother Nature can strangle the life out of me for a day, even if she isn’t sending some tumultuous storm my way.

There is no relief from this. I want to stand in a cool shower and hold my breath until it passes.


1 Comment on “Humidity

  1. Hi, It is me, Shambay, from SU. I just found your blog – I am so Slow sometimes. Now that I know where you blog I can come back. I love your avitar on SU – now I see the story. I have to admit – I saw the female form first.


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