I am neither elated nor depressed today. I’m in a good mood; I have much to do and I am doing it. The sun in shining.

But I have nothing to say.

It seems I write when I am angry, upset, thoughtful, or excited, but not so much when things are simply on par, yet this is the place I strive to be.

I suppose some worry does exist somewhere – I feel it – it’s a bit itchy. I scratched my neck this morning and felt a little bump… Hypochondriac Lisa immediately thought it was another round of shingles. No, I won’t allow it.

My biggest worry today is where to live and where to work. One feeds off the other, and I find myself trusting (or pretending to trust) the Universe to set me on the appropriate path.

This was my Note from the Universe this morning:

So, I’m walking. I’m moving along. And it’s true, I haven’t the foggiest… but I know it’s there, around the bend, waiting for me.

Okay, so I’m a little worried, and a little excited, and I guess I did have a little something to say.

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