May 19, 2007

Dear Reader,

As I look through my previous posts, it’s painfully clear how completely egocentric my blog is. I feel bad about that, but I think it’s a necessary part of this healing process.

During the past couple of years, I seem to have severed nearly all of my relationships with other people. Some people remain absent from my life, at least for now, either because my mind is too noisy around them and I can’t think, or I am not able to continue the relationship in its current state, because I am not the same person I was when it began and it’s too hard to fit the square peg in the round hole.

But I do dream about a community. I do dream about future connections and giving back and enhancing my life by learning from others around me. I dream of having neighbors I can talk to and count on and trust.

First things first, though, and right now, it’s all about me. I’m in repair. I’m not together, but I’m getting there.


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