May and June always seem to be packed full of big events and activities, and this year is the busiest ever. I asked my mother to come and help me get through a few of the most stressful events on my calendar this year. Having her here has given me the gift of time to focus on some of the more enjoyable tasks. (More on the visit later.)

Two of my favorite things about doing parties are the cake and the party favors, and even when I try to keep things simple, I really enjoy putting a little extra effort there. I want the guests to feel like they have entered a fantasy land when they sit at the table. There is nothing more boring and dull than being served an ordinary cake from the grocery store, where the only personal touch is the correct spelling of the honoree’s name. And I prefer to undertake the creations myself, even if I am not Artist of the Year. Every cracked egg, every color choice, every dollop of icing, is a genuine act of love and I adore the process.

I remember every birthday by the cake I made… darling teddy bears, hearts, flowers, sailboats and trains… and certainly I will never forget the princess doll cake whose skirt was still warm from the oven, and whose dress of icing slid down the sides like hot fudge on a sundae.

The world goes away when I am fully present in the moment, creating and playing and thinking of my children and how grateful I am that we are celebrating another birthday. Usually, it’s late at night when I am applying the finishing touch… last night was no exception at 2:00 a.m. I love every minute, and it breathes fresh life into my soul to give this small edible gift to my kids.

Imagine my happiness when I asked my son tonight what was his favorite part of the party, and he said… “when we got to eat the cake.” (Smile.)

2 Comments on “Love Train

  1. Wow, that cake is simply amazing! What lucky kids you have to have you as a mom. I can see the love and care in the details…


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