Dear god in heaven… forget the food… I need some sex! This photo makes me feel like a crazy teenager. Where is that man of mine?

2 Comments on “Sexy Pirate

  1. Johnny Depp is magical. And it is magical in exactly a teenager kind of way…like if I were allowed to have my way with him, I’d want him to wear the pirate suit. And the eyeliner. The whole freakin’ thing.


  2. Yes, and isn’t it interesting that Jack Sparrow appears to be asexual, yet leaves women of all ages hot and bothered? Is it Johnny Depp’s sexuality that’s coming through the character? Is it the fantasy that Sparrow just needs to meet the right woman to turn his head, and that we could be that someone?I love the eye makeup, too… the long hair… yes… very, very sexy.


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