This is a building on my Great Uncle Dick’s farm. My father lives in the house in the background.

I haven’t been writing from my “personalities” lately, mainly because I am too impatient to sit and identify them. Or maybe it’s that I am a combination of things right now, so nothing stands out as being the primary. (If this paragraph doesn’t make sense to you, please see A Note from the Author for an explanation.)

I’m in a body-loving mode right now. I’m hitting the gym like a maniac, berating myself for letting things get out of hand over the winter. My motivation is that I will not be able to hide inside my home this summer, as I am going to be traveling quite a bit. And of course, by the Fall, I hope to be employed, so it doesn’t hurt to feel good about myself during the interview process.

Next week I will tunnel through the Allegheny Mountains and take that long, long stretch of I-70 back home to Indiana to see friends and family. I already have plans to see lots of people…

The Girls – a group of ladies I met as early as grade school at church. Most of them are still deeply involved in the religion, so it’s interesting that we still stay in touch, as I no longer have structured religion in my life, and some of our beliefs are quite different now.

Mary Lynn – my bestest pal from junior high on.

Johnny – a junior-high crush. I may meet his wife and him at a saloon where a friend of his has a “gig.”

Band Reunion – my fellow geeks from high school. Can’t wait to see some of the gang.

Family – Mom, Dad & Betty, cousins, aunts and uncles, sisters and my brand-new niece, Karina.

R.V. – yep. I googled good ‘ole R.V., who is now quite the fire-fighting hero back home.

So… that should keep me busy and hopefully, entertained.

This will be our first family visit since Mammaw’s death; I wonder if anything has changed in the family dynamics. I wonder if there will be drama? Could make for some interesting blog entries.

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