Month: July 2007

It’s His Weekend

I’m writing reluctantly. I have a scratchy throat and stuffy nose, and I’m not yet back in the groove. Somehow, amazingly, I’m feeling a little better about living here. I’m not sure what happened with my attitude on that subject, but driving around today, I felt… content – almost. Maybe I’m growing up, after all. This evening I was in the kids’ bathroom, and … Read More It’s His Weekend

Must-Read Mimi

In keeping with the chaotic spirit of my blog, I’m going to jump in the middle of my European vacation musings and write a review of one of my all-time favorite blogs. Mimi Smartypants is brilliant. She’s darling and witty and I’m not sure if there exists any topic which is off-limits for her. She tells it like it is, and tells it well. … Read More Must-Read Mimi

Psst… Don’t Tell Anyone…

Guy pulled this one off perfectly. I said I wanted to dine in a classical French restaurant in Paris that had exquisite cuisine and a romantic atmosphere. He exceeded my expectations, and that’s not easy to do. Dining at Le Coupe-Chou fulfilled every story-book fantasy I ever had about eating out in Paris. Here were my menu choices that sent me to heaven: Feuilleté … Read More Psst… Don’t Tell Anyone…

Belgian Countryside

I think it’s impossible to describe the peaceful scenery that surrounded me in the farmlands of Belgique. These are my favorite photos – unaltered.

Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re not in Kansas Anymore

I’m home; unfortunately, my luggage is not – yet. A direct flight – go figure… Back to the quiet, lonely house. The kids and Mimzy will be home tomorrow morning, and I should enjoy the peace and rest, but my head is spinning and I feel electric pulses coursing through my blood. Emotions are bubbling up in some big mix and I cannot feel … Read More Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re not in Kansas Anymore

Paris in July

Today we leave for Paris for a few days, and I feel like an excited little kid. I was clear about my expectations – shopping (even if only through the windows) in a couture fashion district, and a classical dinner at a nice French restaurant that will take hours and hours and send my tastebuds into convulsing culinary orgasms. Anything else is icing on … Read More Paris in July

More on Respect

I am trying to stick with the theme of my blog here, if there is a theme to it at all, which is to write about my feelings and discover/uncover/recover parts of my Self. It’s tempting to write about my days here in Belgium with some flowery, romantic language, and tell you detail by detail what I am doing and who said what and … Read More More on Respect