The weather sucks here in Belgium, and that is putting it very politely. The temperature bounces wildly up and down, (along with my mood) making dressing for the day a super challenge.

I had to buy a sweater and socks yesterday, and I think if I do not feel the heat of the sun on a more regular basis, I may need to go home early.

My bones are cold; it is a miserable feeling.

I helped build an electric fence at another local farm where Guy has some of his horses in a pasture. The work is interesting to me, and my part is not too hard, but the smells and the weather make it seem like late Fall, and it’s a little depressing to think I could have gone someplace nice and sunny instead.

The summer seems short enough as it is.

Right now it is partly sunny, and it feels like it’s in the 60’s, maybe, but I know the cold and rain will come again, and I will need to kick into survival mode.


The weather really is important, isn’t it? I need my summers to survive the rest.

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