What is it that changes our respect for a person? Is it when they break a law or a promise? Is it when you catch them in a lie? Is it when you watch them fail? Is it when they use poor judgement?

Knowing none of us is without fault, what is the critical mistake that can cause respect to disappear?

Is it really about them at all, or is it merely the eyes with which we view them? Is it our perspective that changes? Can we control that?

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2 Comments on “Respect

  1. I have been pondering this question and don’t have a good answer. I feel respect and trust are intertwined and think you were referring to a combination by the way the question was phrased.Personally, I am a very trusting person. I assume and give trust, respect and love. However, with this I give the responsibility to safeguard all three. If my gift is taken advantage of, it becomes extremely difficult to earn it back.~Keith


  2. Thanks for your input, Keith. Yes, I guess trust and respect are woven tightly together for me, too, but when I think of trust, I mostly think of being able to believe what someone tells me. When I think of respect, I think of admiring the way a person handles himself… for choices he makes or values he keeps… or for excelling at some special talent, etc. So when I wrote in my post about lying, I wasn’t so much thinking of the “believing” part, as much as the “I don’t like the way you’re handling things” part. But when a person lies, especially when he will not admit the lie but continues the story to save face, I think I also lose some respect, in addition to losing trust. I don’t admire that behavior choice. I think this is an interesting topic, and I will probably post again on respect shortly, because it’s become a huge issue for me this week. Please continue to share your thoughts.


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