It only lasted a couple of days – the funk, that is.

The weather is chilly and rainy and disgusting for August, and I am a crazy, happy girl. What’s up with that? I have lots of theories, but for now, I’m just enjoying it.

It’s Anti-Procrastination Day, and I am in full force around here.

Many people make their resolution lists for the New Year. I seem to be more of a Fall renewal person. I don’t know why – maybe with all the back-to-school buzz from my childhood – getting crisp clean sheets of paper and brightly colored notebooks… a new purse, new shoes… purging the old and preparing to start a new year… meeting new people, learning new things… facing the fear of the unknown with energy and excitement.

Don’t you love a brand new pencil with a nice, sharp point? Or an eraser with all its edges still untouched?

Football games… cool nights for sleeping under down-filled covers… woodsy smells of the summer vanishing into the earth to hide itself until Spring… the pleasure of giving thought to the distant holiday season without feeling the pressures of getting things done tomorrow…

The scent of summer still lingers for awhile… longish days and sun-bleached hair… roadside stands full of beautiful harvests… last-minute trips to the beach before it all fades away.

I’m anxiously filling my calendar today – daring to venture into the pages marked 2008 – with plans and dreams and ideas. Countless unknown activities and appointments wait to be identified and added into the mix. I wonder what lies ahead?

Yes, I feel like a little kid, on the eve of the first day of school.

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