Does anyone else besides me dread the question, “So, any big plans for the holiday weekend?”

I hate that question. I’ve always hated it. No one seemed to ask it when I was a kid; none of us could afford to go anywhere, and a three-day weekend just meant we had an extra day to play kickball across the street. Oh, and it meant my dad would probably be home resting on the couch, stressing the rest of us out and making us feel guilty if we weren’t helping Mom fold the laundry.

Then I grew up, and everybody asked. It was the topic of conversation the entire week prior at the office. At first, I did have big plans on holiday weekends, because I was dating my now-ex husband long-distance at the time, so one of us was always traveling and it was fun and exciting. After we got married and had kids, it seemed we never did much but fight on a three-day weekend. There were never any big plans; he usually decided to do some project around the house or work in his home office all day. He never wanted to “fight the crowds” to go to the beach or do traditional things.

The years passed…

Today, my big weekend-spoiler is this little guy. Cute, huh? Yeah.

Damn dog.

God, it pisses me off that I can’t just zip down to DC to go out with friends or plan a big day trip for the kids and me. Nope. Now we’ve got this little creature. And whenever I even begin to regret adding him to the family, I only have to see the way my son tumbles around with him on the floor, calling, “Come to Papa,” in his shrill little voice, or watch my daughter play tag with him around the house with her face flushed from happiness, and I know I did the right thing.

So, my “big plans” are just normal plans, if there are plans at all. And as long as I don’t let myself sing the “poor me – everybody else has a life” song, then I really am quite content.

8 Comments on “My Holidays Have Gone to the Dogs

  1. Hey Lisa,You’re in good company. This weekend, hubby and I watched a movie, took a nap and walked the dog. Today, hubby is putting my new desk together, and I’m unpacking from my last business trip. And we’ll probably walk the dog. Tomorrow…who knows? But you know what? There are worst things than enjoying your own company, the company of your family, your home and the dog. Come to think of it, it’s pretty nice!Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!Warmly,Donna Cuttingaka Gal Morale


  2. Thanks for your comment, Donna. Of course, you’re right. The only way to happiness is to enjoy the moment, whatever it is, wherever I am, and despite who’s next to me (but if it’s someone I love, all the better).


  3. Hi LisaDo you think the question comes from a desperation? We MUST do something out of the ordinary – a sort of mass panic that the holidays cannot be “wasted”?I’m really out of the mainstream- I’m a full time student, renting a room in a cool city going to university and I don’t know that the middle-class is all that contented you know? Not to criticize at all; I am trying to figure out my place in the grand scheme of things just like everyone else. I’ve left behind the trappings of comfort to see what the heck life is supposed to be all about. Yeech. Anyway. We’re all here to teach each other something – even the dog. :))))))


  4. Wordylefty,Maybe it’s about not wasting time. Maybe it’s about having a more exciting story to tell on Tuesday morning than your neighbor who stayed home and walked the dog. Or maybe it’s about not “missing out” on all the fun. Maybe it’s about going someplace where everyone can get drunk and have an excuse for it. Around here, grown-ups still act like college-aged kids a lot of the time. Any excuse to drink and forget their problems, maybe? Does it give us something to look forward to when we make “big plans?” Is it the adrenalin rush?I don’t know.I love your comment at the end that “we’re all here to teach each other something.” Yes, yes! I agree with that. Even the dog.


  5. I hang my head in shame…I asked you the question you hate.I went nowhere this weekend. I’m sitting here now with three-day stubble and it feels great!~Keith


  6. Keith, my friend,You do realize (I know you do and that you’re teasing me, because you’re a very smart guy) that this is all about me and all my “stuff,” not about the “asker” at all. šŸ™‚Ask away… it’s my job to learn to deal with my reactions. Lisa


  7. You pegged it.I guess I’m going to have to move my teasing to “the next level”.:p


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