I’ve decided to start a new blog detailing my roller-coaster ride with food. Boring topic for some – life-threatening for others.

It’s brand-new – just a few hours old – but it will evolve and grow.

Here’s an excerpt from my first post:

…I was not overweight as a kid; some would say I was underweight. I was the “skinny minnie.” I did not participate in sports, but I did dance, so I guess that, plus a good metabolism, was my secret.

Because I ate like crap.

While I have gained and lost weight over the course of my adult life, I have only been “overweight” during one period, and I would not say I was “fat.”

Yet food keeps a strong hold over me. It is my addiction…

It’s not about the weight. It’s about the powerlessness feeling we (who are food addicts) all share when it comes to making good food choices.

I decided to come clean, and to do it publicly, online. Maybe writing about it and documenting my food choices will help me stay focused and be successful this time… more…


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