I decided that it would be nice to spend our final Sunday at the shore before the kids all had to go back to school. Everyone agreed, so off we went, towels and sunscreen in hand.

This time I decided to try Ocean Grove. I had been there once to walk around, but the it was the first time for the kids, and my first time at the water’s edge. They agreed they liked it better than Manasquan, but Niki noticed the obvious lack of teenage boys and was disappointed about that.

All three of them were like little fish… The girls went out together into the deeper water to ride the waves. They looked so graceful as they let the water carry them and dived easily through the big waves. Joey stayed in the shallow water, enjoying the foamy edges and feeling the sand rush out from underneath his feet as the water receded back into the sea. He was throwing fistfuls of sand at the ocean; I heard him yelling, “Take that, you fierce beast!” Sigh… that’s my little redhead.

We were all pooped after a few hours, and made our way home to shower and bathe and prepare for the big first week of school.

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