I’m sitting here at back-to-school night, feeling like the worst mother in the world because I would rather be anywhere else in the universe but here.

My daughter is in the chorus and they are singing tonight, so there was really no convenient way out of it. Of course, she had to be here 30 minutes early, so here I sit, twiddling my thumbs and praying to god for this to be over with.

The other parents here don’t look nearly as miserable as I feel, even if most of them are also on their cell phones.

Ten minutes to go… Oh, please hurry.

Oooh… The guy in front of me has a very cool phone. Haven’t seen that one yet.

Jesus, do we really need the piano entertainment while we wait, like this is some very special place to be?

What is wrong with me? Surely I’m the only one sitting here thinking these horrible thoughts. Lots of socializing going on around me. I don’t know a soul, and I really don’t care to. Lots of couples, but I’d be alone even if I were still married. Certainly Mr. Big Shot would have more important things to do.

Well, it’s almost time to begin. I guess I should at least pretend to be interested.


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4 Comments on “A Little Whine after Dinner

  1. WDKY,Yes, I’m always looking for the latest gadget and newest tech convenience. πŸ™‚Thanks to T-Mobile and Blogger for making that possible.


  2. Dear not-so-Anonymous (I’m a computer geek, remember?),My kids do not read my blogs; however, if they did read this particular post, they would not be surprised at all by anything in it (including the part about their father being too busy to come). They know how I feel about back-to-school night.I wish I looked forward to it. I just don’t.I tell it like it is.


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