Christina Aguilera, I’m Okay

This piece spoke to me in such a dramatic way. I feel obligated to say that this is not entirely representative of my story. Because I have exposed my identity here, I don’t think it’s appropriate to go into great detail about that, but let’s just say enough of the song resonates with me that I felt an urge to post it.

Sadness overcomes me when I look at this innocent child here. I think of myself. I think of my children (again, not exactly their story, either). But the prevailing thought as the song ends, is truly “I’m okay.”

And I am.

My dad doesn’t really “get” what he did, and I think I have to live with that. I’ve sat in a corner and cried and whined and dealt with my sadness and anger over the years. Now I’m brushing off the dirt and I assure you, I’m okay.

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