(I decided to revisit the letter-writing format since I’ve been writing cover letters for my resume until my face is blue.)

To Whom it may Concern:

Well, I no longer think I’m dying of a fast-growing tumor in my uterus. I also don’t think I’ve hit the big “M,” after all.

I was telling my woes to my very best girlfriend on the phone, and she (who has known me for almost 20 years) said, “Lisa, whenever you go through big life changes, you always gain weight.”

I was shocked to hear it. I was even more shocked to realize that she was right.

Imagine that.

And I guess my “hot flashes” can be attributed to the 90-plus-degree days we were having lately, while I was trying to cover up my growing belly with big heavy clothes. I think everyone else in NJ was sweating profusely, too.

Then the Belgian told me a story about a friend of his who was in therapy, complaining to his shrink about recent weight gain, and the therapist answered, “Oh, congratulations… now you are incarnating yourself again.”

I like that.

I feel like the doctor just called and told me the positive biopsy results were incorrect, and that I’m going to live, after all.

My energy is coming back – my smile, along with it.

I think I’m actually doing it – living, that is. Wow. This is pretty cool.

Yay me!

The Happy Girl

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