October 18, 2007

To my faithful friend,

I’m so sorry I haven’t written. Truth is, I visit this blog every day, and I haven’t had much to say about anything, which, as you know, is unusual for me. I’ve always got something to say.

Life is full and busy, yet empty and boring all at the same time.

I’m working on the weight thing – yes, I know, you really are tired of hearing me whine about that, but it’s a big issue in my life right now, and I’m proud to say that my eating habits have been very good for the last 2 days. (I’m really on a roll now, don’t you think?) I went to the gym on Wednesday and had a terrific workout. I was ready to do it again yesterday, but my son was home sick and I couldn’t go. The best laid plans… He’s home again today, but I should be able to go workout when my older daughter gets home from school.

I just can’t stand being this size; I’m so uncomfortable. I feel like I put on some fat suit without a zipper, and I want it off – now! I could go into much more detail on that subject, but it’s even boring to me, so I won’t.

So yes, little Joey is sick. I’m not one to run to the doctor, but I have pretty sharp motherly instincts, and I think we need a professional opinion today. My diagnosis is – throat infection, requiring a quick round of antibiotics and we’re on our way.

I know you are probably wondering about the job hunt. I am diligent about making time for that every day, but so far, nothing. Nothing. Not even a blip. The rejection feels like crap. More importantly, my bank account is dwindling to nothing, and my dreams of a nice house are fading. I feel like I’m at the starting gate, itching for the signal to start the race… my body wants to move, but I’m required to stay still and wait for the gun. I’m not so patient, you know.

In other news, I did decide to plan a trip down to my beloved DC in early November when the kids have a school break. Each of the girls will be staying with their respective best friends, and I will be staying with my best friend, along with my son, who happens to be her god son. The dog is going to my favorite local kennel. (Don’t guilt me about that. Renee is allergic, and besides, he really has no manners at all yet.)

I’ve already scheduled a hairdressing appointment with the god of all coiffeurs, Monsour, who did my hair for years and years. My girlfriend found him. She walked right into a salon at a high-end mall and said she wanted to make an appointment with the busiest gay guy they had. She got lucky. Likewise, the rest of us are eternally grateful to Renee and her crazy methods for choosing a hairdresser, because most of her friends go to him also. He’s pure magic.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to visit Bill in Georgetown – my flaming makeup artist who is always good for a laugh and makes me feel like a million bucks, at least for a day. The first time I saw him, he clapped his hands in glee and said, “Oh, goody! Today I get to do Malibu Barbie!”

He gave me a great makeover, and when he was finished, he took a polaroid for his file. As he waved it in the air (why do people do that? Does it really make the photo appear faster?) he gushed, “Ooh… you bring out my Lesbian side!”

Needless to say, I bought everything the guy had. Now that’s one hell of a salesman there.

So, anyway, that’s about it for now.

I figured I should write, even if I’m not much in the mood for it. I really just want to hibernate until I get this weight off, but I’m making a big effort to accept myself and go about my business as usual.

Hope this letter finds you healthy and well.


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