Month: November 2007

Fun Lisa

Today I’ve been eating like a crazy person, consuming strange combinations of food and massive quantities of it. My stomach hurts. What is wrong with me? The Belgian’s visit, especially when it’s immediately preceded by a Mom-role trip to Disney, is giving me angst. It’s really not at all about him – it’s about me. In earlier posts, I was trying to embrace all … Read More Fun Lisa

Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

Well, we head to Orlando in a few days for the cheer competition, and when I return, I will have the Belgian with me. My life is going to change in a big way. I don’t write too much about my feelings in that relationship here on this blog, except when we are in a fit of disagreement about something. I don’t know why … Read More Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

My Favorite Christmas Things

My birthday gift to myself this year was a beautiful new goose-down comforter. I’ve always wanted one. I bought a heavy-weight flannel duvet for the winter, and with my feather-bed mattress topper from last year, my bed must surely be the most coveted place in the universe. 🙂 Every night when I snuggle in between the cool, high thread-count sheets, I breathe a silent, … Read More My Favorite Christmas Things

Busy, Busy…

It’s been a productive few days. Over the weekend I told the girls we were going to “spend some time in their room.” they’ve heard that a billion times, and they just mumble an “uh-huh” response and pray to god I’ll forget or get too busy to bother. I wasn’t kidding. Five tall kitchen trash bags later, we made a very good dent in … Read More Busy, Busy…

Another Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME… It’s not even 10:00 a.m. yet, and this day has already surpassed last year by a long shot. The kids did great – and all on their own, too. I’m so proud of them. We had Cinnamon Roll Saturday breakfast, and then I started opening gifts. I have a mantel filled with cards. Later today, we’re going to the movies … Read More Another Birthday

Alone on Thanksgiving

I made it through the day yesterday, one minute at a time. I was not amused by the fact that I couldn’t even find a soup kitchen who wanted me for Thanksgiving. They were all “full” for their volunteer lists, but they would gladly take my money if I wanted to make a donation. I watched the kids pull out of the driveway in … Read More Alone on Thanksgiving

My Cocky Ego has Low Self-Esteem

I can recall thousands of instances that would support the idea that my self-confidence has lived in the toilet for most of my life. Not to mention, I just feel it. I’m always beating myself up for something or another – feeling stupid… putting my foot in my mouth… thinking I’m “less than” everyone around me. But my ego is larger than life. I … Read More My Cocky Ego has Low Self-Esteem

Just Fine by Mary J. Blige Fine Lyrics

Brush Your Shoulders Off

My sister sent me a little present last night around 12:38 a.m. It was an email that started like this: Lisa- I just have a few things I need to say that have been on my mind… Ugh. I knew it as coming; things had been far too quiet the past few days. I’ll bet most of us can recall a time when we … Read More Brush Your Shoulders Off

When You Wish Upon a Star…

Well (with my Hoosier accent, it sounds like “whelp” although I never figured out where the soft “p” sound came from), those hard-working, high-spirited little stinkers did it. We’re goin’ to Disney World! My daughter’s cheer team just won the title of 1st-place champions in their division for the entire Eastern region. I just got home, and I’m proud and delighted and stressed about … Read More When You Wish Upon a Star…

I’m Over It

I’m feeling so much better; I think it’s only fair to post the good along with the “poor me” posts. I think I’m beginning to “get it.” Weeks like this past one used to have the power to knock me on my butt for days… weeks… months… No more. I’m over it. The “it” I’m over is the part of those situations that knocked … Read More I’m Over It

I Don’t Want to Offend You, But…

No matter how long, dark, and scary the night, the biggest monsters usually vanish when daylight shows her face. I’ve never been so happy to see the sun. Last night was hell. I ended up with swollen sinus cavities from crying that hurt so bad I considered knocking myself out so I wouldn’t feel the pain. It was worse than labor pains, at least … Read More I Don’t Want to Offend You, But…