Month: November 2007

Fun Lisa

Today I’ve been eating like a crazy person, consuming strange combinations of food and massive quantities of it. My stomach hurts. What is wrong with me? The Belgian’s visit, especially when it’s immediately preceded by a Mom-role trip to Disney, is giving me angst. It’s really not at all about him – it’s about me. In earlier posts, I was trying to embrace all … Read More Fun Lisa

Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

Well, we head to Orlando in a few days for the cheer competition, and when I return, I will have the Belgian with me. My life is going to change in a big way. I don’t write too much about my feelings in that relationship here on this blog, except when we are in a fit of disagreement about something. I don’t know why … Read More Flip the Switch and Turn Me On

My Favorite Christmas Things

My birthday gift to myself this year was a beautiful new goose-down comforter. I’ve always wanted one. I bought a heavy-weight flannel duvet for the winter, and with my feather-bed mattress topper from last year, my bed must surely be the most coveted place in the universe. 🙂 Every night when I snuggle in between the cool, high thread-count sheets, I breathe a silent, … Read More My Favorite Christmas Things

Busy, Busy…

It’s been a productive few days. Over the weekend I told the girls we were going to “spend some time in their room.” they’ve heard that a billion times, and they just mumble an “uh-huh” response and pray to god I’ll forget or get too busy to bother. I wasn’t kidding. Five tall kitchen trash bags later, we made a very good dent in … Read More Busy, Busy…

Another Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME… It’s not even 10:00 a.m. yet, and this day has already surpassed last year by a long shot. The kids did great – and all on their own, too. I’m so proud of them. We had Cinnamon Roll Saturday breakfast, and then I started opening gifts. I have a mantel filled with cards. Later today, we’re going to the movies … Read More Another Birthday

Alone on Thanksgiving

I made it through the day yesterday, one minute at a time. I was not amused by the fact that I couldn’t even find a soup kitchen who wanted me for Thanksgiving. They were all “full” for their volunteer lists, but they would gladly take my money if I wanted to make a donation. I watched the kids pull out of the driveway in … Read More Alone on Thanksgiving

My Cocky Ego has Low Self-Esteem

I can recall thousands of instances that would support the idea that my self-confidence has lived in the toilet for most of my life. Not to mention, I just feel it. I’m always beating myself up for something or another – feeling stupid… putting my foot in my mouth… thinking I’m “less than” everyone around me. But my ego is larger than life. I … Read More My Cocky Ego has Low Self-Esteem