It’s been a productive few days.

Over the weekend I told the girls we were going to “spend some time in their room.” they’ve heard that a billion times, and they just mumble an “uh-huh” response and pray to god I’ll forget or get too busy to bother. I wasn’t kidding.

Five tall kitchen trash bags later, we made a very good dent in it. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but I’m still doing laundry. They have enough t-shirts to last them until they’re 85 (wow, won’t Niki look cute at that age, wearing “the world revolves around me” on her chest), and I solved the mystery of all the missing socks.

Today I ran errands and finished up most of my Christmas shopping.

I arrived at Toys-R-Us early, but the one thing my son asked for was nowhere to be found – sold out. I was browsing the Leapster cartridges, when the lady next to me informed me what a great sale they had on the stuff last week – of course, she got in on it and was now back for another gift, but too bad it was full price now. I felt left out for just a second, then I regained my senses. I consider my “no-way-I’m-getting-up-at-4:00a.m.-even-for-shopping” policy a welcome investment in my sanity. It’s sort of like paying for valet parking – sometimes, it’s just SO worth it. Stand in line overnight for 9 hours somewhere to save a few bucks? No, you will find me sleeping soundly in my most comfortable bed while the rest of the world fights and elbows and stampedes and shoves in the name of Christmas to get the very best deals of the season. We will all survive if we miss out on something. Besides, next week my son’s toy of choice will probably be something different anyway.

I managed to get the Christmas lights up in the windows; I feel relatively in control of my “to-do” list.

Packing for Orlando is next.

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