Last weekend we went to find the perfect tree, and I set out for Lambertville, guided only by instinct and an internet-referral of a tree farm there.

It was a family-run place (their backyard, actually), and at first glance, most of the trees had the Charlie Brown thing going on, but as we made our way to the back parts of the lot, we found a better selection.

Of course it’s nearly impossible to obtain the agreement of 5 different people about one important tree. But I think it’s necessary to have all the family members feeling good about the choice, so that was the goal. We finally found one we all liked with one holdout – little Joey. And his opinion is worth 20 opinions, because he can be a bear if he isn’t happy. Everyone was beginning to get tired and cranky, so I came up with a brilliant idea.

I told Joey of course we would look until we found one that he also liked the best. So we walked around a little, and looked… and touched… and made our way in a sneaky circle back to the contending tree. I said, “Hey, Joey… what do you think of this one?”

He ran up to it and put his arms around it and named it something I don’t remember.

My older daughter wanted to know when we could tell him about our little joke. I warned her that unless she wants to have a Christmas from hell, she’d better wait awhile.

We went into the quaint town of Lambertville for a bite to eat at Giuseppe’s – overpriced, decently made Italian food, served up by a cold woman with an attitude.

3 Comments on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Hi, Keith.Pretty funny, yes. Someday, I hope the kids are sitting around their own Christmas table, recalling past years, and maybe then poor Joey will find out the truth about the 2007 tree.I hope he’s not too mad at me.🙂


  2. I got caught trying to do the exact same sneaky thing, As with you we (4) were in agreement, But Emi was not she ‘won’ with ‘our’ agreement on another …;)


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