I’m at home, alone, enjoying my first moment of complete solitude in over 3 weeks. I missed it. The kids will be back on Monday evening, just in time for our big New Year’s Eve bash.

My feet would moan in delight if they could, each softly tucked inside brand new shearling slippers. The dog is happily squeaking one of his new balls that is just his size. The tree is lit, the opened gifts sit in piles around it, and the leftover apple pie is calling my name from the kitchen.

I have sole access to all electronic equipment in the house, which means I don’t have to listen to computer games, YouTube videos, the television and music all at once. I have control of my remote, so no boring documentaries tonight. I also have exclusive rights to my telephone line.

I can take a shower whenever I like without running low on hot water because two teenage girls take hours to rinse their long hair.

I don’t have to break up fights, open anything for anybody, read instructions, or make small talk.

I can stay up late, crank up the stereo, or sit in complete silence and go to bed at 9:00 p.m.

I can put on my new soft pajamas or sleep naked.

I feel completely relaxed, like I just got an aromatherapy massage.

I’m also feeling itchy to be organized and resolute. That usually only happens to me around September, as the kids head back to school. Maybe I’ll join in the New Year’s Resolution fun this year.


I love Christmas, but I’m so very glad it’s over.

2 Comments on “Alone Again

  1. Running a family sounds terrible, just how I imagined it! My life is mostly mine, how can I ever give it up to a teenage riot and a life with a set destination of responsibilities and forbearance? It may have to happen accidentally because I’m sure I couldn’t sign up to this. Bring on the aromatherapy and environmental control monopoly!


  2. Fari,Certainly not all of us are cut out for family life, just as not all of us are cut out for the single life or the childless life. And thank god for that, because it would be a very boring world! As much as I love a well-deserved break once in awhile, I treasure my children, and I would not trade one moment of motherhood for continual freedom.Being a mother and running a family is one of the hardest, most challenging, most rewarding, heart-filling experiences I can imagine.Enjoy your solitude while it’s here. If you find yourself a parent by “accident,” as you say, I’m sure you will find equally fulfilling joys with that.Lisa


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