Month: January 2008

I Miss Him

The sadness comes in giant waves. I never know what might trigger it. I guess most of the time it’s when I want to talk to him, and I realize that I can’t, nor will I ever be able to again. I don’t know how to process “never.” I just don’t.

The Bully and the Cell Phone

“Hello, Sergeant? Yes, I was wondering if you could help me get my cell phone back from the big bully down the street… You will? Oh, that’s just great. Thank you!” Ridiculous. I’m sure that’s what the police officer was thinking when he had to make a phone call to my ex to try to “reason” with him. And maybe it sounds ridiculous to … Read More The Bully and the Cell Phone

Week 3 Results

It seems trivial and ridiculous to post my results while I’m still grieving the loss of my friend. But that’s the thing about death… it leaves Life behind to carry on. I lost 1.6 pounds this week, just .2 pounds away from my 5-pound mark. I’m not too surprised; I did not get in as much exercise, and while I stayed within my points, … Read More Week 3 Results

Death in an Online Community

Paul F. MullinFebruary 3, 1964 – January 20, 2008 My stomach hurts… my heart aches… my tears fall. My introduction to death in my own generation, within my circle of friends, is painful and uncomfortable. I received the news too late to say goodbye; his body is already ashes and the memorial service concluded. Maybe his family had no idea that his list of … Read More Death in an Online Community

Random Thoughts

I haven’t written lately, because no brilliant themes have jumped into my head to write about. Well, not just brilliant ones – no themes at all, actually. But even so, my brain still spins… my heart still feels… and my mouth still spouts. There’s my trip to Italy – yes, there’s that. I’m very excited and happily preparing for it. And I’m amazed at … Read More Random Thoughts

Week 2 Results

2.6 pounds. I earned every tenth of a pound this week. 🙂 My secrets to success? Regular workouts, including cardio… remembering the mantra “if you bite it you write it” (i.e. journaling every bite of my food)… and maybe, just maybe, that peanut butter trick worked. Lisa’s self-esteem advice for the week: Don’t think that a 3.2 pound weight loss entitles you to strip … Read More Week 2 Results

Just Like That

I’m starting to like my body. I’m starting to like myself. I feel happy. (When your mom notices a change in you and says something, you know it must be real.) Good things are suddenly coming to me easily and bountifully. It’s as though I finally got a ticket to sit at the banquet table, and The Universe is putting exotic, delicious foods in … Read More Just Like That

Cinnamon Roll Saturday

Today is Cinnamon Roll Saturday, the official name given by my kids for our traditional breakfast on the Saturdays they are with Mommy. It just so happens, it’s a Weight Watchers recipe. 🙂 My blood sugar doesn’t always respond well to something this sweet in the morning, but twice a month is okay. Joey and I have turned this into quite the baking experience. … Read More Cinnamon Roll Saturday

I am a Dancer

In the quest to discover who I am, so far I have labeled myself as a writer here on this blog. If I can be a writer simply because I write, then it stands to reason that I can be a dancer simply because I dance. Therefore… I am a dancer. Woman, Mother, Writer, Dancer. Not a bad start. picture found on photobucket by … Read More I am a Dancer

Dancin’ Shoes

I ordered this pair of Bloch dance/fitness shoes from Zappos on Saturday. They were on my front porch on Monday. (I love Zappos.) Today’s clunky sneakers don’t really cut it for dance-style classes at the gym. These supported my very high arch pretty well, and allowed more flexibility for better technique. They aren’t the most beautiful shoes in the world, but they work. I … Read More Dancin’ Shoes

Week 1 Results

Point six. That’s how many pounds I lost this week. Discouraged? You bet. The good thing is that I see my body changing, ever so slowly, and I know my efforts aren’t completely in vain. Although at this rate, I might need to change my goal date to June 1, 2009. I’m obsessed with myself, really. The first thing I do every morning after … Read More Week 1 Results

Valentine Projects