What goes up, must come down. Christmas decorations are no exception.

In Indiana, I thought New Year’s Day meant “get rid of all the Christmas crap day.” By January 2nd, our house was always back to its normal status. In New Jersey… not so much. You might see lights still shining in February, and one time, my ex actually hauled the neighbors’ Christmas tree to the dump on St. Patrick’s Day, because it kept rolling out into the street with the March winds, and they had long since missed the pickup dates for recycling the trees. No lie.

Today, I’m finally getting my things down and put away, and I’m breathing a sigh of relief and contentment about that. Back to normal.

What’s normal?

Normal means I have room to display the family photos again. Normal means no more pretty lights in the windows when I drive up after dark, and no mess of extention cords and timers hanging out of my outlets. Normal means my house looks a little bit bigger because I don’t have a giant tree in my living room anymore. Normal means clearing out the old to make room for the new, and replacing Christmas scents with my favorite aromatherapy candles.

Now it’s time to settle in for the coldest, longest part of Winter. And I’m ready for it this year.

Armed with books of all sorts, my faux fireplace, my new Ugg shearling slippers, and warm cozy blankets, I’m good to go. My outings will consist of errands, running the kids around, and trips to the New Gym. That’s it. I’m parking my ass inside until April.

Well, unless I find a job, of course.

I feel really, really happy today, for no apparent reason. Go figure…

Must be that dance class I took this morning. 🙂

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