I haven’t written lately, because no brilliant themes have jumped into my head to write about. Well, not just brilliant ones – no themes at all, actually.

But even so, my brain still spins… my heart still feels… and my mouth still spouts.

There’s my trip to Italy – yes, there’s that. I’m very excited and happily preparing for it.

And I’m amazed at the changes in my body after just a few weeks of taking good care of it. My shoulders are becoming more defined, my waist actually nips in a little, and my hips and thighs look more toned. I no longer look like I’m expecting my 4th child when I turn sideways in front of the mirror. The scale is consistently showing me numbers that I haven’t seen since September or so.

I feel good.

But I also feel a strong sadness and sense of loss for my relationship with the Belgian. I miss him. It’s a whole new experience for me to let a relationship go because it isn’t working instead of having it come crashing to a disastrous halt while I frantically try to bandage everyone up and keep going. But I’ll take the sadness over despair any day.

I’m starting to really worry about employment (or lack thereof).

I’m absolutely dreading the banquet for the Pop Warner cheerleaders and football players tomorrow. Of course, in true fashion around here, they had to have it at the Hyatt Regency ballroom (40 minutes away). It’s all about the parents. They have to have an open bar so they can endure it, I guess. I’ll probably be the only sober one there.

It’s really cold, and my energy level is down a bit today.

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