It seems trivial and ridiculous to post my results while I’m still grieving the loss of my friend. But that’s the thing about death… it leaves Life behind to carry on.

I lost 1.6 pounds this week, just .2 pounds away from my 5-pound mark. I’m not too surprised; I did not get in as much exercise, and while I stayed within my points, my nutritional guidelines were nearly ignored in the vegetable department. I was craving carbs all week.

But I feel like a completely different person already. I can’t imagine how it will feel to lose another 20.

My clothes fit a little better. An interesting side-effect is that my jeans that I thought were too short are now falling at a longer length, because they fit better at the waist.

I’m not supposed to weigh myself at home in between WW visits, but I do – obsessively. This morning, the number in the 10’s column changed – haven’t seen this range of numbers in awhile, and it feels good, but now I’m anxious to see the next range.

These next 10 should be relatively easy to drop if I stay true on the program; it’s the last 10 that I’ve really been unable to shed completely since the birth of my second daughter, when we moved to CA for awhile and I hit my emotional bottom in my marriage.

I did well this week – 1.6 pounds isn’t too shabby. But I definitely feel better when I’m eating my veggies.

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