Month: February 2008

Two Guys and a Girl

I’m stuck. I don’t know what I want to share about my trip. If it wasn’t apparent from my previous posts, the romance of Italy provided the perfect venue for a budding relationship. I saw Mr. Nice Guy in a whole new light. But The Belgian continues to whisper sweet nothings in my other ear, and it’s so tempting to believe the fairy tales … Read More Two Guys and a Girl

Week 7 Results

Yes, I know… weeks 5 and 6 are conspicuously missing. During week 5, I was afraid I had gained, so I chickened out of going. And last week, I was in Italy, not thinking at all about Weight Watchers, but eating gelato, risotto, and the best pizza in the world. So, this week I bravely weighed in and lost 2.8 pounds, which brings my … Read More Week 7 Results

Mr. Nice Guy

We’ve been friends for nearly 22 years now. He’s seen me through 2 divorces and countless tears. He’s congratulated me on 3 births and listened to me cry about a miscarriage. He has joined me at my table for Thanksgiving dinner. He’s never forgotten my birthday. He’s the kind of friend who would answer the phone at 2:00 a.m. and drive over to see … Read More Mr. Nice Guy

It’s Great to be the Queen

He promised me that I would feel like a princess from the moment I stepped off the plane until I left. He did not disappoint. He met me at the airport with a red rose and the royal treatment began. He chose a hotel in the center of Rome – a darling place that occupied one floor of a corner building not far from … Read More It’s Great to be the Queen

Italia at a Glance

Colosseo, Roma Duomo, Firenze River Arno, from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze View of Roma from St. Peter’s Basilica, Citta del Vaticano I’m not ready to write about the trip yet – my head is still spinning and trying to absorb the reality of having stepped into a history book where the pages all came alive before my very eyes. I don’t have any words at … Read More Italia at a Glance

Return from Italia

Re-entry is always jolting and invigorating and exhausting. This time, U.S. Customs decided to make things a bit more memorable for me, much like the rest of my trip. I handed my passport and declaration form to the nerdy, curly-haired little man at desk 21 in Newark. He looked at me with a psycho stare and said, “You’re not even close to being done … Read More Return from Italia

Home Sweet Home

I have a million feelings and thoughts running around inside of myself. I’m excited and apprehensive about the trip to Rome. I leave tomorrow afternoon. The Belgian and I have started up communication again, and I feel confused about that. But things seem to be heading in a positive direction in general, and I think the fact that I can see clearly with my … Read More Home Sweet Home