Month: February 2008

Two Guys and a Girl

I’m stuck. I don’t know what I want to share about my trip. If it wasn’t apparent from my previous posts, the romance of Italy provided the perfect venue for a budding relationship. I saw Mr. Nice Guy in a whole new light. But The Belgian continues to whisper sweet nothings in my other ear, and it’s so tempting to believe the fairy tales … Read More Two Guys and a Girl

Week 7 Results

Yes, I know… weeks 5 and 6 are conspicuously missing. During week 5, I was afraid I had gained, so I chickened out of going. And last week, I was in Italy, not thinking at all about Weight Watchers, but eating gelato, risotto, and the best pizza in the world. So, this week I bravely weighed in and lost 2.8 pounds, which brings my … Read More Week 7 Results

Mr. Nice Guy

We’ve been friends for nearly 22 years now. He’s seen me through 2 divorces and countless tears. He’s congratulated me on 3 births and listened to me cry about a miscarriage. He has joined me at my table for Thanksgiving dinner. He’s never forgotten my birthday. He’s the kind of friend who would answer the phone at 2:00 a.m. and drive over to see … Read More Mr. Nice Guy

It’s Great to be the Queen

He promised me that I would feel like a princess from the moment I stepped off the plane until I left. He did not disappoint. He met me at the airport with a red rose and the royal treatment began. He chose a hotel in the center of Rome – a darling place that occupied one floor of a corner building not far from … Read More It’s Great to be the Queen

Italia at a Glance

Colosseo, Roma Duomo, Firenze River Arno, from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze View of Roma from St. Peter’s Basilica, Citta del Vaticano I’m not ready to write about the trip yet – my head is still spinning and trying to absorb the reality of having stepped into a history book where the pages all came alive before my very eyes. I don’t have any words at … Read More Italia at a Glance

Return from Italia

Re-entry is always jolting and invigorating and exhausting. This time, U.S. Customs decided to make things a bit more memorable for me, much like the rest of my trip. I handed my passport and declaration form to the nerdy, curly-haired little man at desk 21 in Newark. He looked at me with a psycho stare and said, “You’re not even close to being done … Read More Return from Italia

Home Sweet Home

I have a million feelings and thoughts running around inside of myself. I’m excited and apprehensive about the trip to Rome. I leave tomorrow afternoon. The Belgian and I have started up communication again, and I feel confused about that. But things seem to be heading in a positive direction in general, and I think the fact that I can see clearly with my … Read More Home Sweet Home

I Did It!

The contact drama is over. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but thankfully, no one had to hold me down… I was able to figure out a technique that worked for me, thanks to the wonderful and very patient Gail in the doctor’s office. I’m thinking about sending her flowers, or at least bringing her back something sweet from Italy. I’m blogging … Read More I Did It!

"I See," said the Blind Man…

… to his deaf son in a dark alley. I don’t remember what it’s like to wake up and see my room in the morning. I got my first pair of glasses when I was in first grade. They were stylish for the times – light frosted blue with a cat-eye-like shape. The kids in my class called me “Cat Woman,” so I hid … Read More "I See," said the Blind Man…

More on Contradiction

Some of my personalities are polar opposites; it’s no wonder I fight with myself so often. I had an “a-ha” moment in my previous post, and I’m still mulling it all over, especially with regard to these two Lisa’s: Princess Lisa She likes to wear refined, polished, pretty clothes with appropriate necklines and skirt hems. She’s a pearl girl. She speaks softly and politely, … Read More More on Contradiction

Things that Make You Go Hmm…

Lately, I have been feeling a sense of loss and I’ve been missing the Belgian. I can’t explain why, but I predicted that I would hear from him again in the not-so-distant future. Yesterday was the day. One important lesson I learned about my former European boyfriend is not to take everything he says so literally. French-speaking people have a romantic, flowery, dreamy way … Read More Things that Make You Go Hmm…

Hillary in the Oval Office

Sometimes I have ridiculous thoughts. Like just now, for example, I was doing the dishes and thinking about the presidential primaries. And I began to daydream about how justice might be served if Hillary wins it all… her husband would be reduced to the deferring personality of “first gentleman,” and Hillary would have the opportunity to let him catch her in the oval office … Read More Hillary in the Oval Office