I lost .8 pounds this week… not at all what I was hoping for or expecting. But still, it’s a loss. And, it put me at a grand total of 5.6 pounds, so I got my 5-pound star this week. It’s a tiny sticker like we used to get in school, but it symbolizes blood sweat and tears to me, and I was happy and grateful to get it.

Before I even had time to bask in my reward, one of the old ladies across the aisle said she hit 12.6 pounds today. We started on the same day. What a blow. I sure doubt she is taking grueling Gigi gym classes and sweating on a treadmill 5-6 days a week, either. I felt bad for a minute or two, then switched the focus back to myself and my gleeful “I did it!” feeling. And I was able to feel happy for her, too, because she certainly has much more to lose than I do.

Our leader has lots of personality, and I like him, but he doesn’t always prevent the loud-mouthed New York transplants from monopolizing the conversation at the meetings. They make me tired, those women. (See? That’s a NY thing… to put the subject at the end of the sentence. I learned that here.)

Anyway, now I have just 20.4 pounds to go, which seems daunting to me now, seeing how hard the first 5 were. I may have to adjust my goal towards the end, because I set it a long time ago, and maybe it’s just not practical or reasonable anymore. Of the remaining 20 pounds, 10 of them have been hanging on for years, though I did manage to budge 3 of them for a short while during my divorce when I was building my strength with a personal trainer.

So… we’ll see. Let’s get through the next 10 and go from there.

One point of interest is that I notice a significant change in my mood, my cravings, and my weight loss when I do not get in the recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings every day. I want to do better with that this week.

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