We’ve been friends for nearly 22 years now. He’s seen me through 2 divorces and countless tears. He’s congratulated me on 3 births and listened to me cry about a miscarriage.

He has joined me at my table for Thanksgiving dinner.

He’s never forgotten my birthday.

He’s the kind of friend who would answer the phone at 2:00 a.m. and drive over to see me sobbing in a fuzzy robe with mascara all over my face, and eat ice cream with me until I felt better.

He’s the kind of friend who knew I didn’t have time for a good dinner before my evening dance class and left a home-cooked meal on the hood of my car.

Who does that?

5 Comments on “Mr. Nice Guy

  1. (Smile)I think I’m beginning to “get it,” Keith. After all these years…Some of us are really, really slow.Lisa


  2. Wow, that’s REALLY sweet. Seriously. Poor guy needs to read some of my articles! Well, that’s my personal opinion at least. But seriously, the meal on the hood of the car is awesome. That would work for me


  3. Dear How to Pick up Girls,I think you’re missing the point entirely. I don’t think nice guys “pick up” girls or think of manipulative ways to get a girl’s attention. The man I wrote about genuinely cares for me, and he left me the meal because he wanted me to eat, not because he wanted a date.It made my stomach hurt for you to reduce his acts of kindness to something that would “work for you.”Lisa


  4. I do that for people. Amazing how most don’t reciprocate when I’ve needed help due to my divorce or MS flares. I don’t do it for them to do it back to me. But it would be nice if they remembered the past kindness. I now only assist people that I know will appreciate my giving. I don’t consider myself selfish. But the people I don’/won’t give my kindness to anymore sure think I’m a bitch…lol They can go screw the holy crown they sit on..lolHe’s doing this for you because he cares about you. Sounds like a good catch to me.Does he have a brother in Indiana..lolThis is Shirley. I don’t have an acct.


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