Month: March 2008

Zen Mom

We’re all back home, safe and sound. I have an awful lot to say. I’ve been blessed with a temporary clarity and a calmness that just isn’t normal for me. The crisp, refreshing air of the Pacific Northwest permeated my soul and brought me to a new peacefulness that I wasn’t sure really existed but always hoped to find. I began reading this book … Read More Zen Mom

Hoss Dog

One of my favorite recent discoveries along the route back home from Indiana is a steakhouse called Hoss’s in Pennsylvania. They have several locations, but we eat at the one at Exit 146 on the PA Turnpike headed east. The food is really quite good, and the prices are unbeatable. Huge salad bar, bread station, dessert bar… all included. Joey had a Hoss Dog. … Read More Hoss Dog

A Cake Fit for a Princess

This was the cake I made at the last minute for Princess Cutie Pie’s first birthday. It was my contribution to her party, at the request of my mother. I had barely any time to throw it together, so it’s pretty sloppy, but everyone oohed and aahed just the same. My mom bought the kit ahead of time, but when she said “castle cake,” … Read More A Cake Fit for a Princess

My Own Bed

I’m home for a few hours, anyway, and I can’t wait to sleep in my very own bed. God, I missed it. The trip back from Indiana was long and boring. I’m beat. The emotional drain usually takes a couple of days to appear and then sometimes weeks to dissolve… Niki watched old home videos the entire time we were there (she loves it), … Read More My Own Bed

Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots with the Fur Don’t Fly in Indiana Churches

Well, today is my last day to finish what needs to be done here, and then we’re off on the big road trip to the Midwest. I dread the drive, but I usually end up loving it the further we go, because it gives my mind time to settle down without any of the normal outside distractions. (Although sometimes too much quality time in … Read More Apple Bottom Jeans and Boots with the Fur Don’t Fly in Indiana Churches

Play that Funky Music

Sometimes I feel the funk coming on, and sometimes I just wake up right smack in the middle of it. I’m in a funky funk. In two days, the children and I are driving out to Indiana to celebrate Easter with my family and to see my little niece, Princess Cutie Pie. I’m nervous. To make matters worse, my dear mother decided it was … Read More Play that Funky Music

Yes Sir, Yes Sir…

Three more trash bags full. I’m on a roll. I was thinking that if I could fill one bag a day, by June maybe I would be done and ready to move. I refuse to pay someone money to move boxes of trash to my pretty, brand new home. And it doesn’t have a basement, which seems like a good idea to me. No … Read More Yes Sir, Yes Sir…

Out with the Old

I just cleaned two big black trash bags full of garbage out of my basement, but I know I’ve barely made a dent in the mess. It feels really good to pitch the stuff, though, and the act of heaving the bulging bags into the dumpster seems like an important part of the process. Since college, I’ve moved pretty much every two years. The … Read More Out with the Old

Going Home

Cleaning out the old makes room for the new. Removing my clinging grasp from the junk of my past leaves me with open arms to embrace the present and the future. This is why I’ve been so quiet lately (well, one of the reasons): It’s time. I’ve felt it coming on for awhile… I felt the movement and subtle shifts of things in my … Read More Going Home

Cleaning Up my Dusty, Broken Past

My food is horrible. I played hooky from WW this week, because I didn’t want to see the results. I feel anxiety simmering inside of my body like a hot stew. I’ve been cleaning my house like a madwoman. When I say “cleaning,” I’m not necessarily talking about scrubbing the tile floor with a toothbrush, although I did that last week, too. I’m talking … Read More Cleaning Up my Dusty, Broken Past

MS Word 2007 Supports Blog Publishing

Did you know you can write a post from Microsoft Word 2007 and have it published directly to your blog? I’m trying it now to see how it works. Maybe this is old news, but it seems like a good way to keep a backup of my posts. Under the main menu, select Publish, and then select Blog. The first time you use it, … Read More MS Word 2007 Supports Blog Publishing