I’m home for a few hours, anyway, and I can’t wait to sleep in my very own bed. God, I missed it.

The trip back from Indiana was long and boring. I’m beat. The emotional drain usually takes a couple of days to appear and then sometimes weeks to dissolve… Niki watched old home videos the entire time we were there (she loves it), which dredges up lots of old stuff for me. That, combined with the family dynamics, is enough to push me right to the very edge of the cliff, clutching precariously to Life – my current reality – and swatting away the spinning storms that cloud my mind with the other hand.

My self-induced annual Easter sugar coma is waning… I have been detoxing for 3 days now, and the fog is beginning to clear, leaving me limp and exhausted (and feeling fat).

I see a healthy Lisa in my near future – a suntanned, toned blonde with shiny golden highlights. She wants to go to a romantic European beach this summer. She feels great about herself and gives off a sexy glow from deep inside. Where is that girl?

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