We’re all back home, safe and sound. I have an awful lot to say. I’ve been blessed with a temporary clarity and a calmness that just isn’t normal for me. The crisp, refreshing air of the Pacific Northwest permeated my soul and brought me to a new peacefulness that I wasn’t sure really existed but always hoped to find.

I began reading this book on the plane, and it is already having an enormous impact on me. This paperback treasure has some of the answers I’ve been searching for throughout this blogging experiment, and I’m excited to share the threads of Truth that have resonated with me.

The identity crisis just might be on its way to being solved.

(Note to my friend, AJS, this is a must read, if you haven’t already.)

Stay tuned…

2 Comments on “Zen Mom

  1. BTW: I have read Ekhart Tolle’s <>The Power of Now<> and found it inspirational.~Keith


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