The people of this majestic area in the Pacific Northwest are a rare breed. Outdoor enthusiasts, some would say. I would just call them manic extremists who are addicted to adrenalin and caffeine and cannot sit still indoors.

The weather was disgusting – cold and wet enough to chill me through to my bones. (Once they get cold, it’s all over for me.) So we stuck with the auto tour, and from the safety of my heated front seat, I saw Seattle and the surrounding areas.

As we drove by yet another of the local lakes (as it was sleeting outside), complete with surrounding playgrounds and walking trails, I was simply aghast at the throngs of people there walking and playing, as if it were sunny and a balmy 70 degrees. Singles, couples, old people, young people… families with tiny babies in strollers or attached to backs and waists with carriers… my mind just couldn’t get it.

No wonder they need coffee.

But the lush landscape was breathtaking, most likely because of that infamous weather. I regret that I never really did see the mountains; the clouds hid them like thick modesty veils. I was beginning to think they were only a myth, but Mr. Nice Guy drove me out to the foothills, where a significant depth of snow had fallen, and I did see the dark green bottle-brush trees on the hills, covered in Nature’s very own powdered sugar topping. Delightful.

If I had to describe the energy I felt there, I would say that it was crisp and sharp, with tremendous movement, and the people seem extremely friendly and bright.

I’m not sure how to write about the rest of the trip. It was very good, and I was happy and relaxed there. But…

I have questions.

Sometimes I am comfortable; sometimes I am not. If I stay out of my head, most of the time I’m okay with Mr. Nice Guy. His quirkiness is endearing and off-putting all at once. The very things that help to put him in the Nice Guy category are the things that make me want to run. But definitely the time I spend with him overall is positive and pleasant.

On the way home, I realized that it isn’t necessary for me to try to figure everything out and analyze the hell out of this. I don’t need to make any life-changing decisions right now. I am focusing on finding a job, finding a house, and supporting my children. I can move slowly and just see what happens next – I don’t have to know. It’s really okay.

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