I have my first interview in 10 years on Monday morning with an impressive company in Princeton. I got the call the other day, and I’ve been in a daze ever since, wondering if they made a mistake or if they really meant to call me.

I have a “feeling” about this – a good feeling, like I had when I got called for an interview for my first “real” job. It’s a too-good-to-be-true, do-I-really-deserve-this, gee-I-think-I-actually-have-a-shot-at-it kind of feeling.

Of course, I’ll be interviewing them as well on Monday, and I’ve been doing my homework this weekend, reading up on the company and what they do… you’ve gotta love the internet for making that job easier. I remember going through a million periodicals at the local library to research my first employer.

When I first started my job search, I really had no idea where to begin, but I had a feeling that I wanted to work in Princeton. I’ve since expanded my search to include pretty much the entire state of NJ, but here it is – my first interview – in Princeton, of all places. I like Princeton because it reminds me a little of my beloved DC, and the shopping is really pretty good there, too.

So, first things first – I had to find something to wear. If I can walk in knowing I look great and not mess with clothes that are pulling and tugging or washing out my skin tone, then I’ve given myself a huge break from worrying about all of that and I can concentrate on the real reason I’m there. It really does make a big difference in the way I carry myself and my confidence level.

The challenges for me are:

1) I’ve spent the last 10 years in nursing bras and sweatpants – what do I know about current office attire?

2) Most of my career time was in DC working for a conservative company, and that style is probably not so popular here in NJ.

3) I’m “fat” and I feel disgusting in nearly everything I wear.

4) I’ve got a budget that doesn’t quite match my quality preferences.

I did find a little something tonight at the mall, after a long, exhausting and discouraging search. I hope it works. I do feel my best in the outfit, but I’m worried it’s slightly trendy because the trousers have a wide leg, which I adore and prefer and think they balance out my hips beautifully. (I got a backup suit, too, just in case.) The pants are black, and as luck would have it, they match a darling jacket I’ve had in my closet for two years with the tags still intact. I originally bought it for work, but never had a chance to wear it. 🙂

I tried everything on tonight – shoes, pearls, and conservative earrings – and I think it all works for me. The danger is, will I walk in on Monday and feel completely out of place to see everyone in casual dockers and/or plain-Jane clothes? I would rather err on the side of being too dressed up, but I don’t want to look ridiculous.

So… tomorrow I will do another dry run and make sure it still works in the light of day and after a good night’s sleep. And then I’ll cross my fingers and stop worrying about it.

I’m so delighted that someone liked my resume enough to call me for an interview. And I’m even more pleased that it’s a place where I think I’d really, really like to work.

I’m so nervous!

2 Comments on “They Like Me – They Really Like Me

  1. Congrats on the interview. In my understanding, the concept of going in “dressed up”, even if they are a casual work atmosphere is a good one. After all, a dressed up person can always dress down, but can a dressed down person dress up?Good luck on the big day.


  2. Thanks, Steve O. I was over-dressed, and I did feel just fine about it. 🙂I guess things went okay; I didn’t trip or spill anything on anybody. Now comes the waiting part…


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