I’m getting a taste of the outside world lately with appointments nearly every day. I’m not used to having a schedule of my own – only schedules for my kids. Today was my least favorite appointment of the year – my annual check-up. Ick.

It was the shortest visit I’ve ever had in an OB/Gyn office. Anyone who’s waited over an hour in a cold office with nothing on but a pepto-bismol colored paper gown knows that 15 minutes is nothing in the world of baby deliverers. It’s over for another year.

At the urging of a couple of online friends, I decided to mention the quick weight gain I had at the end of the summer, and my doctor said we should definitely do a thyroid test, so now I have to find time to stop by the lab for that. She said we should do it, but she also told me, “You know, every 10 years our metabolism slows down…” I didn’t hear the rest, because I’m pretty sure she was telling me that I just need to stop eating so much chocolate and start exercising more regularly.

So I had McDonalds for dinner – just because.

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