When the energy is moving in the right direction, you’d better get out of the way. When I stop trying to control everything myself, and when I let the Universe work its magic, the result is a growing snowball of endless miracles, each snowflake especially designated for my well-being and pleasure.

I have officially moved on to “round two” of the interviewing process. They’ve invited me back next week to meet some of the management team, which seems like a good sign to me. I wasn’t too nervous at the first interview, but I will probably be tripping over my feet at this next one. At the same time, I still do feel a strange sense of calm about this job that I can’t explain. I alluded to it in a former post.

I mean, I certainly don’t know that I have the job. I can’t possibly know. But I just have this strange feeling… I had it during the interviews for my very first professional job, which I held for 10 years. I don’t know where it came from – it just existed inside of me. My job hunt prior to that had yielded disappointment after disappointment. I had resigned myself to the position of sales secretary at a car dealership, working under some of the most chauvinistic and sexually harassing men I’ve ever known. I had a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, but no one would hire me. When I circled this unimaginable job opportunity in the local paper, I had no reason to think the result would be any different. But after my first meeting, I just knew.

I had this feeling during the auditions for cheerleading, too. Four hundred girls showed up the first night, and I almost left without even completing the application form. But after the first few practice sessions, this feeling came to me, and it got me all the way through the month-long process to a spot on the roster. It goes against all odds and principles and against all knowing. It’s a premature gratefulness and serenity. And while I don’t know, I know.

That job description had my name written on it before they posted it online. It’s exactly and perfectly all of the things that I want to do and that I do well. I’m certain this bright staff can teach me new things and provide a challenging and fulfilling work atmosphere; I would be honored to work among them. I am curious about these people; how might they change my life? How might I change theirs? I wonder if they will become my new friends.

No matter what happens, things are moving. Movement brings change. Change brings growth. I’m open… I’m yielding… I’m ready to accept and embrace my bright future.

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