If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that I joined a New Gym last November. Although my schedule is way off and I haven’t been in a few weeks, I love my New Gym and everything it offers.

One of my big worries with going back to work is how I’ll be able to fit gym time into my schedule. The New Gym has several affiliated centers in its NJ network, so I was hoping one would be on my way to or from work (lunch hour workouts are tough if it’s any distance away at all). Or, if I were really lucky, maybe my new office would have its own workout facility.

I thought I had seen one listed in Hamilton, which isn’t far from Princeton, but it probably wouldn’t be practical to go on my lunch hour, and it’s not exactly on my way.

When I interviewed last week, one of the women said that several of the people in the office work out at the gym across the street during lunch. I had a sinking feeling that it probably wasn’t a good gym (I’m so attached to mine) and that mine was probably nowhere around.

So today I decided to research the locations for the New Gym; one of them is across the street from the potential New Job.

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