There aren’t enough self-deprecating words to describe how I feel about how I handled that interview. My son and I have a deal that I won’t call myself stupid anymore, so I can’t say it. Let’s just say my blonde was showing.

Two department heads, consecutively, and then one of the founders of the company popped in, too. All men. All intelligent, personable men with credentials that make my head spin.

The first part wasn’t so bad. But when the tech guy came in I really started to get nervous. And when the co-founder came in, I stood up to shake his hand and said, “Oh yes, I recognize you from your picture on the internet.” A pit started growing in my stomach as I remembered – they didn’t have photos on the company website. I had Googled him. Can I add psycho investigator to my resume? Good grief.

Later, the co-founder asked me about my salary expectations. I hate that question. As I answered his question honestly – the only way I really know how to do Life – I heard myself say what might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said in a job interview. I heard the words come out of my mouth and immediately wanted to eat them.

“Money doesn’t really motivate me,” I said to this man who might hold my future salary in his hands.


I want to write them all letters of apology to tell them how nervous I was and ask for a do-over.

2 Comments on “Interview Fall Out

  1. I interviewed for a job once and gave the worst interview of my life.They called me back and I interviewed poorly again.When they called me the third time I thought I nailed it. And weeks passed without hearing anything. I’ve been with the company almost 10 years now.I don’t know what this says except maybe we don’t always suck as much as we think. And maybe we don’t hear back as soon as we’d like due to something we’d done or didn’t do. (The delay on their end involved something unrelated to my hiring.)Good luck. I’m pulling for you.


  2. Oh, thank you! You have no idea how timely your comment is. I’m really struggling to keep positive here. I appreciate your story more than you can possibly imagine.


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